As well as providing thousands of special effects explosions in TV and movie productions, here are some of the other unusual locations and functions of Hanson propane tanks:

Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas.
Volcano eruption.
Treasure Island, Las Vegas.
Cannon fire, explosions.
South Pole, Antarctica.
Helicopter transported heating fuel.
North slope, Alaska.
Generator fuel, military navigation system.
Sarawak, Borneo.
Standby fuel, computer hard drive factory.
Tahiti, South Pacific.
Inter-island fuel delivery.
Johnson Atoll, South Pacific.
Fuel, nerve gas destruction.
Dusseldorf, Germany.
Fire effects, Warner Bros. Movieworld.
Seoul, South Korea.
Flames, Lotte Expo 93 water ride.
Universal Studios, Ca.
Fire effects, "Backdraft" theme ride.
Walt Disney Pictures
Flying tank - "Gone in 60 seconds" - movie

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