Roy E. Hanson Jr. Mfg.
Stainless and Carbon Steel ASME Pressure Vessels
20 to 20,000 Gallons

Linings and Coatings

If necessary, our tanks can be lined or coated with any of the excellent products available today. Epoxy, glass and cement are the most common, but rubber, vinyl and baked phenolics are amongst many others that are available. Fiberglass with metal jacket or economical and effective R-16 polyurethane sprayed-on foam insulation are also offered.

Fast Deliveries, Good Prices

Virtually all the steel we utilize is purchased in bulk direct from domestic mills, and our huge inventory of raw materials ensures our customers the fastest possible delivery at realistic prices. We also have special arrangements with many major truck lines that mean that our top quality vessels can be delivered to your facility for far less than you would imagine.

Military Purchasers

The US Army, Air Force and Marines all have Hanson tanks in facilities throughout the nation and the world, and our pressure vessels were right there in the Desert Storm campaign, hoisting antennas and inflating air craft tires among other less visible, albeit essential duties.


The list of Hanson Tank customers includes many major corporations, who demand the highest engineering standards. They include Boeing, Chevron, Coors, Disney, Dow Chemical, Ford, Fluor, GE, GM, GTE, Hewlett-Packard, Hughes, Hyundai, Ingersoll-Rand, Lucasfilm, Mobil, NASA, Nike, Shell, Technicolor, Universal Studios, Unocal, Warner Bros. to name a few.

Special Projects

How do you test whether a large space rocket can be launched out of the back of a cargo plane? If your idea doesn't work, you've lost a very expensive rocket and possibly a cargo plane and its crew too. Answer: You have Hanson Tank build a full size replica of your space rocket to test the idea. So that it's the same weight as a real one, you include several internal water ballast tanks that can also be used to distribute the weight precisely. So that you can run the test more than once, you also invest in some very large parachutes. But just in case, you also order another one as a spare.
These pictures are of the first one in our shop and later leaving on our truck on its way to have the nosecone and dummy rocket engine added.

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