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Stainless and Carbon Steel ASME Pressure Vessels
20 to 20,000 Gallons

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Major Manufacturer

Hanson Tank (Roy E. Hanson Jr. Mfg.) is a major U.S. manufacturer of carbon and stainless steel pressure vessels built to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Sect VIII, Div I and HLW. Founded in 1932 the company manufactures and ships over 15,000 pressure vessels, with a value of over ten million dollars, annually to destinations all over the world.

Code Capabilities

The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code is recognized world wide. However, we also have the capability to build vessels to the requirements of the US Coastguard, American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd's of London, Det Norske Veritas and other jurisdictions. Many purchasers of non-pressure tanks also specify ASME Code construction in order to take advantage of the strict quality controls that the ASME demands. All Hanson tanks, even non-code, are build to Code standards and are pressure tested before shipment.

Stock Tank Prices
Product Range

In addition to the many variations of custom and standard air receivers and water storage tanks, our product range includes accumulators, blowdown tanks, expansion tanks, filter tanks, heat exchangers, hot water generators, hydropneumatic tanks, propane tanks, propane dispenser tanks, pressure vessels, refrigeration vessels, horizontal ammonia receivers, vertical ammonia receivers, thermosyphon receivers, ammonia surge drums, oil pots, scrubbers and separators.

Sizes and Design Pressures

If you are in the market for one or one hundred carbon or stainless steel pressure vessels from 15# to 3000# design working pressure in many diameters, call us, fax us , or e-mail us your needs for a prompt, courteous quotation.

Tank Heads

We manufacture our own tank heads from 12" to ten feet in diameter, and keep hundreds in stock to ensure the fastest possible deliveries on finished vessels. We even supply tank heads to other tank fabricators on a regular basis.

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